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Lip Filler

Revolax 0.5ml - £120

Revolax 1.0ml - £170


Restylane 0.5ml - £150

Restylane 1.0ml - £220


Juverderm ultra 0.5ml - £160

Juverderm Ultra 1.0ml - £240

Juvderm vycross 0.5ml - £180

Juvderm Vycross 1.0ml - £260

Facial Contouring 

1.0ml - £190

2.0ml - £250

3.0ml - £350

4.0ml - £450

For Juvederm products add £50 per 1.0

Package discounts are available. 


Standard - £40

Deluxe - £50

Chemical Peel

40% - £55

70% - £70

Treatment packages: 

2 sessions 40% - £100

4 sessions 40%  - £200

2 sessions 40% and 1 session of 70% - £180


1 session - £150 

2 sessions - £300

3 sessions - £440

4 sessions - £560 

If you book 3 or 4 sessions you will receive a free 30 day supplement pack. 

Fat Dissolving

Small area £75

Large area £150

Large area and small area £175

Two large areas £200

Fine lines and wrinkles

Treatments from £190 

Consultation required before treatment 

1 B12 £30

4 B12s £100

Add on to a treatment £15

Terms and conditions 

Paying a deposit/booking fee means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of Beauty Shots.  


Deposit/ Payment

We require £50 deposit for filler and antiwrinkle treatments and £25 for facial treatments. This is taken off the treatment price on the day. This will be refunded with 72 hours' notice of cancellation. Failure to do so we will waive your rights to using your deposit towards another treatment. 

Full payment is taken on the day of treatment. We accept cash, major and debit, and credit cards. Your deposit will be taken off your final payment. 



We strictly only treat over 18s and ID may be required for proof of age.

Please do not bring children into the clinic. If you bring a child to the appointment we will have no option but to turn you away and you will lose your deposit. 


Medical forms and consent 

You are required to fill out a medical form and consent form prior to the treatment or we will not go ahead with treatment. We require contact details and medical history to make sure you are suitable for the treatment. This information will only be used for insurance and medical purposes. This is in line with the UK data protection legislation. 

Your information will not be shared with third parties unless signed permission to do so. 


At Beauty Shots, we undertake and provide excellent service by using the best products by an experienced medical professional. All filler's products are CE marked and we only purchase our products from reputable suppliers. You must understand that results aren’t exact science and may vary from client to client. Meaning we strive for improvement and not perfection.